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Anti Virus

Having Antivirus software installed on your PC is one of the most important and responsible things a computer user can do to ensure their computer and their family are protected.
There's no about it, the Internet can be a dangerous place, filled with cyber-crooks who want to break into your computer and steal your personal information.
The Internet is now in a golden age of criminal invention, but how bad are things?
Saving money by purchasing cheap antivirus software will prove to be costly in the long-run. This is because the cheaper software provides inadequate protection for your PC from all of today’s online threats.
Most antivirus products on the market today focus on ' virus protection ' alone; after-all that's what it claims on the package! The problem is many users believe their computer is completely protected from Internet threats when they are not even close to being protected. Antivirus protection and Internet Security are two very different areas of concern. Antivirus software is actually a part of Internet Security.
Some Good Free Advice? Always opt for the "Internet Security Suites” such as Norton, Quick Heal, Kaspersky Internet Security, or McAfee Internet Protection Suite for your computer. Each of these programs include a bi-directional firewall, spam controls, email attachment scanners, IM filters, automatic updating of the software definitions, hacker detection and browser protection. There is little need for any additional software with one of these Internet Protection Suites installed.
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